Our clients are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.


“I’ve worked with Dane on M&A transactions, a fraud investigation, and the operation of common clients.  I find him to be knowledgeable, focused, thoughtful in his conclusions, and recommendations and a pleasure to have as part of the team”
Keith Burns, member at Nexsen Pruet, LLC

“Dane was loved by our mutual client.  He provided business valuation services exceeding the clients needs to inform their purchase decision and negotiation for a bankrupt business.  Dane has served my clients well and I would recommend him to anyone needing accounting or valuation services”
-Alan Hart, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Growth Strategist

“Dane is extremely experienced in mergers and acquisitions.  He helped me analyze the company I purchased in April 2010.  Everything he predicted turned out to be exactly what I experienced.  His personable and easy to talk to nature give you the feeling that you are dealing with a friend >>> who also has your best interests as a priority!”
-T. Kevin McNamara, WMR Packaging, Vertical IQ

“I was very impressed with your integrity, job result you performed and modest manner.  I firmly believe that if you continue your strengths, you can certainly reach your goal”
-SungJae Yoon, LS Tractor USA

“Our firm has had the opportunity to work with Dane and his firm on multiple business acquisition transactions and business valuations.  Dane possesses a breadth and depth of knowledge that is truly unique, and he has added tremendous value on the projects we’ve worked on together.  Despite his intellect and talent, Dane is a true ‘team player’ and always a pleasure to work with.  Dane gets my highest recommendation.”
-Dennis Schaecher, Owner, Business Ownership Strategies, LLC

“Dane Byers has provided exceptional service on numerous projects for both financial and operational needs.  I particularly appreciate his ability to step out of the financial box to deliver creative and insightful tutelage spanning the realm of an organization’s needs.”
-Lon Lohmiller, Accomplished Technology Executive and Operational Efficiency Specialist | COO