We assist other CPAs and public accountants nationwide by extending the services they can provide to their clients.

Services for other CPAs we typically provide include:

  • Audit & attest services for out-of-state CPAs not registered in North Carolina.  Depending on your state regulations, we can provide these services directly to your client or as a “ghost provider” where all communications with, and billings to, the client remain with you.
  • Audit & attest services for CPAs that do not normally provide these services and are not part of the system peer review program, where we take peer-review responsibility for the engagement.
  • Audit and Review client preparation and cleanup, where the level of cleanup required to successfully perform an audit or review would likely impair your independence.  We can also help your client prepare their financial records for audit and oversee financial statement preparation to help you perform audits and reviews more efficiently and profitably.
  • Valuation services where the CPA does not typically provide these services, or where the CPA may be put into a difficult position, especially in corporate actions involving disputes between shareholders where the disagreeing shareholders, or the company itself, are simultaneously clients of the CPA.
  • Most importantly, we will act under your specific instructions in order to not create a competitive environment.  After all, a substantial portion of our business comes from other CPAs who utilize our services, and utilize us frequently.