We work with attorneys on a near-daily basis, and have worked in both federal and state jurisdictions.

Typical ways we help Attorneys and their clients include:

  • Business valuations for equitable distribution, estate & gift tax, shareholder buy-in / buy-out, shareholder disputes, redemption agreements, and bankruptcy actions.
  • Analysis of financial information and actions as applied to divorce agreements and other performance agreements.
  • Assistance with computations for modification agreements.
  • Review of opposing expert’s reports to assist in developing a cross-examination strategy.
  • Critical review of your client’s experts to determine strengths, weaknesses, and possible areas of scrutiny¬†by opposing counsel.
  • Preparation of special financial reports and charts designed to help you explain relevant positions and facts to a jury or judge.
  • Forensic accounting and financial analysis designed to uncover hidden assets or recover transaction trails.